Manjula Koralegedara, professor of chemistry, with MC students.

Natural Sciences

Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Stewardship, Teaching Licensure, Pre-Professional Programs

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Uncover the physical world and its phenomena.


Within the Department of Natural Sciences, we offer majors biochemistry, biology, chemistry, and environmental stewardship. We also offer minors in biology, chemistry, environmental science, and environmental stewardship.

Our student-focused research facility has dedicated labs and equipment for you to have full access to all the laboratory technology, growing your experience starting day one. Because your classes and labs are intentionally small, you’ll receive individual attention from faculty members—not a teaching assistant. This leads to connections lasting beyond your college years.

You’ll begin research your junior year and select a research project based on your unique interests. This helps you learn how to read and analyze scientific data, write proposals, make a scientific presentation and then become the lead author of your own paper that is published in the college’s science journal, Cantaurus. Your research experience will make you a competitive candidate for graduate and doctoral programs.


Health Professions Scholarship

McPherson College is selecting twenty new Health Professions Scholars who will receive $25,000 annually in scholarships to be part of this groundbreaking program. Health Professions Scholars will commit to participating in the development of signature outreach programs with McPherson Hospital and the community and will be guaranteed one internship per year.


  • Biochemistry

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Environmental Stewardship

Featured Natural Sciences Student Story

science student Keisha England
science student Parkes Wolters
  • "The support I received was unbelievable... it all prepared me for getting into medical school.”

    Keisha England '19, Biochemistry

    When Keisha learned of the high percentage of McPherson College students who apply to graduate school are accepted and that it would be affordable for her attend, her decision was easy.

  • “The research aspect is very unique. I was better prepared than many of the students I competed against."

    Parkes Wolters '19, Biochemistry

    Wolters was among the McPherson College seniors that presented capstone projects at the annual meeting of the Kansas Academy of Science where he placed first in oral presentations.

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Additional Programs

  • Natural Science Minors

    Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Environmental Stewardship

  • Teaching Licensures

    Biology, Chemistry

  • Pre-Professional Programs

    Pursue a program which will prepare you for specialized training or advanced study beyond a bachelor’s degree. Area include Medicine, Osteopathy, Dentistry, Optometry, Podiatry, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy/Physician Assistant, Veterinary Medicine.

Experiences & Outcomes

  • Senior Research Presentation

    Student Research

    Senior research is the capstone experience for all of our science-related majors and published in the ‘Cantaurus’ – the scientific journal of McPherson College.

    Student Research
  • PHP Science Day

    Pre-Health Professions Club

    The PHP club is a group of like-minded students who are planning to enter graduate school after McPherson College and pursue a career in a health profession.

    Pre-Health Professions Club

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  • Melhorn Science Hall

    Take a 360° virtual tour of the lecture halls and labs in Melhorn Science Hall - home to the Natural Sciences program at McPherson College.

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